What Is An Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading with Jenna is NOT about being mysterious or scary and it’s not about predicting a future that is set in stone.

When I do a reading, it’s steeped in love, wisdom and truth – and the purpose is your empowerment.

You gain your power back when you can see your issue with clarity.

CLARITY is seeing your real issue at the root level.

Seeing your life in a new way, with new vision, opens your mind so that you can take a new kind of action that leads to success.

What about predicting the future?
Since you have a say in your future, I can only FORECAST what might be ahead based on your current approach to life. Yet I won’t leave you hanging …

As part of your reading I’ll receive intuitive ideas of resources that you’ll love and that will help you move forward.


Phone reading (30 min): $77
Includes a photograph by email of your 3 Intuition Speaks card images before our phone conversation, so you can participate in the intuitive insight.
– Includes 1 follow up email question related to the original reading.

Email reading: $77
Includes a beautiful photo of the 3 Intuition Speaks card images representing the answer to your question, along with a detailed explanation of the images, the true underlying issue, the guidance, and resources that will help you move forward.
– Includes 1 follow up email question related to the original reading.

Questions? Ready to schedule? Email me:  jenna@jennaatkinson.com

School of Signs as Guidance * Mentorship Training *

Learn to Translate Your Unique Signs That Will Guide You to Your Highest Path

12 Lessons with Photographic Examples of Signs and Symbolism
45-minute private session with each lesson
Email questions between lessons

Lessons include interpreting dreams, animal visitation, number meanings, clues that occur in names, overheard conversations, household occurrences, resources for you to research as you’re interested including the science behind this phenomena. The possibilities of how signs show up is limitless.
This is the same information I was guided by Spirit to learn during my awakening.

*Options: Meet weekly (over 3 months) or twice monthly (over 6 months)

$97/Private Lesson
10% discount if paid in advance monthly: $174/mo x 6 months
15% discount if paid in advance for all lessons: $989


Send your questions to me by email: jenna@jennaatkinson.com


When you’re ready, we’ll set up an interview phone session to discuss if this training is right for you