Cati O’Keefe

I thought the cards themselves were beautiful and before I even read a word, messages came to me from them. As for the reading, I felt like I had gotten advice from a friend versus advice from someone who, while psychic or connected, is unable to translate it into common language.

Cati O’KeefeCincinnati, OH
Holly Worton, Business Mindset Alchemist

I really liked the messages from the cards. Jenna is very friendly, so I felt comfortable sharing my issue with her. I so appreciate the clear guidance I received on how to move forward.

Holly Worton, Business Mindset AlchemistDorking, United Kingdom
R. Phillips

My reading was amazing and so exciting. It was right in line with other cards I’ve gotten lately and recent dreams I’ve had. My grandmother’s name is Dear, and the deer card fell out in the reading. She was very instrumental in my life and lived to be 98 years old. I had just dreamed of her before the reading and at the end of my dream, she gave me the biggest hug. I can still feel it. Thank you so much for this!

R. PhillipsCincinnati, OH

The cards that jumped out were the perfect ones for me at this time on my path. They are deeply helpful and they’re creating lasting impressions and images in my mind. The reading has motivated me to move forward with my heart more open, listening more intently and knowing that I am supported, guided and loved so deeply.

JenCincinnati, OH
Debra Moorhead

I would absolutely recommend Jenna for an intuitive reading. I think she is very talented and my reading was spot on. It helped me to change my perception of the situation.

Debra MoorheadCincinnati, OH
Lisa Fry

I so appreciate the reading! It was most interesting and accurate. I think your cards are cool!

Lisa FryCincinnati, OH
Lisa James

The guidance in the reading was in line with what I’ve been told continuously this year, so it helped me to have greater trust in my own intuitive choices. Jenna is very genuine, down to earth, and she could relate to everything I’ve been through.

Lisa JamesCincinnati, OH