Reading 5: Guidance on Choosing Opportunities


The questioner has a couple of exciting opportunities and would like general guidance.


My own intuitive guidance deck:
Scarab beetle on winter wheat
Blue jay in tree
Squirrel on ground
P.S. card – Monarch butterfly

Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


What opportunities am I being guided to pursue? Which is in the path of my highest good?


Scarab beetle – metamorphosis + determined and persistent work + synchronicities (Carl Jung story)
Blue Jay – female spirit guidance + dabbling versus mastery + opportunity
Squirrel – ground work + gathering what he needs now in order to benefit later + storing + looking West (fullness)
Monarch – female + transformation

READING (brief summary)

Although the question was around projects, the Divine wanted the questioner to know this:

The issue is that you are being guided through a change in what feeds you spiritually – what will sustain you.

You are being invited to learn to choose whether you want to be a dabbler or a master with the spiritual topics you are curious about. You can do this through meditation and study into what it means to be a master of your own mind, body and spirit – which leads to being a master of your destiny.

As you work on your projects regarding female topics (Monarch), you are invited to embrace your female (yin/moon) side by becoming more receptive to spirit guidance. This is done by releasing the ego mind with meditation.

Where is this heading? As you become a Master, releasing worry and control, you will be storing your treasures in heaven. This means you will spend your energy on inner peace, also called heaven.

Reading 4: Finding My Soulmate

The questioner is a Lightworker, although she may not have used this label at the time.

She was just thinking to herself that it seems she is being guided and that she wanted to learn more.

She once was interested in this topic but had gotten busy with work. She happened to see my offer for a reading and scooped it up in December 2016.


My own intuitive guidance deck


What guidance does Spirit have for finding my soulmate?


Yellow fire hydrant, water is emotions, fire is passion/desire, yellow is happiness and personal power

White card with soaring hawk, angelic, new beginnings, message, guidance

Black cat relaxing, alluring, confident, independent, magic, mystery, powerful creator


The Issue: Access to closed-off emotions. The need to access emotions and aim them at a fire (passion).

Guidance: You are being guided. Follow angelic guidance for your highest good.

Outcome: If you follow your guidance through intuition, it will result in magic and mystery. You will be a satisfied, independent, creator of your reality. You will be able to relax on a foundation of love.


Wow wow wow! The questioner met her soul mate and was engaged in July 2017. She is beyond happy.

She is a Lightworker, destined to help humanity. Although she didn’t realize it at the time of this reading, she sure knows now. There was a plan all along for her to meet someone who would support her soul mission, so she truly is able to relax and create from a solid foundation of love and happiness.

These are exciting times!

Reading 3: General Guidance for a Fellow Visionary

My questioner has had amazing experiences with manifesting abundance. She is a powerful woman with spiritual gifts.

She knows she has a destiny of working independently to build a legacy. She loves to read and has immersed herself in spiritual topics for years while she supports her family.


My own intuitive guidance deck


What does Spirit want me to know?


Small yellow butterfly on purple aster flowers, spiritual environment, mystic thoughts, immersion, small fish in a big pond

Large black and yellow butterfly on thistle, magnitude, focus, one at a time, simplicity, going within, giving and receiving

Black cat standing, independence, magic, confidence, looking heavenward, power


Butterflies are very close to the questioner’s heart.

So she was delighted to see that her guidance included cards that represented her as a butterfly.

The Issue: Surrounding yourself with so many spiritual topics is keeping you small.

The Guidance: Choose one topic at a time and focus on it, bringing it to the forefront of your life. Doing this will fulfill you and will help you become a more powerful giver and receiver of all that life has to offer.

Focusing on this one thing will lead to other big things such as speaking, writing, or any other leadership avenue or topics you enjoy.

The Outcome: Should you follow the guidance, you will become independent, standing on your feet proudly. You will be a beautiful (cat’s name is Bella) manifester of magic and mystery. You will be a spiritual leader standing firmly on a strong foundation of love.


Follow the yellow (solar plexus, power, Source) in each card

Reading 2: How Can I Make This Year Kickass?

The questioner was going through many changes.

She intuitively knew she was meant for big things – leadership. Yet life was not looking great at the time of this reading.


My own intuitive guidance deck.


How can I make 2017 a success?


Hair dryer, hot air aimed at head, high vibration (joy, love) vs low vibration (anger, separation)

Fall setting with 2 empty benches, green, yellow, leaves, serenity, nature

Steps leading to a fun work of art (pink pig), orange is creativity, daisy is simplicity, joy, looking up


In this particular reading I did a 4-page assessment that included numerology.

It was a beautiful report that showed the questioner, on many levels, that she is on a journey of rebirth. But for the purpose of this short post, I’ll hit the highlights.

The Issue is hotheadedness – angry thoughts. You must keep your vibration high (joyfulness; positive thoughts about self and others).

The Guidance is that while she is going through this change of seasons to consider her relationships – how she relates to others. Sit in silence in nature. The green and yellow leaves relate to the heart chakra and solar plexus. There’s strength in love.

Strength was very much a key word for my client. It had come up in a tarot reading months earlier. She very much desires strength, which is a perfect blend of female and male energies – and giving and receiving love in equal measure.

The Outcome if she followed the guidance was that she would be taking steps toward a creative life. This life would be simpler and happier. The six steps in this reading refers to the numerology of 6 – family, home, harmony, nurturing.


The questioner experienced major changes and life lessons. She has a beautiful heart and amazing mind.

Her angry thoughts were caused from past trauma. Yet she was keeping the cycle going at the time of the reading.

She has changed her thoughts, learned how to create peace, and has experienced the value of loving herself and others. Her relationships are improved and she’s enjoying life more. By aligning her thoughts with the Divine Mind of love, she is being healed on many levels.

2017 is a #1 universal year, meaning it’s the start of a new 9-year cycle. What my client has started in 2017 is creating not just a kickass year, but A Kickass Life.

Reading 1: What Would Be the Outcome of This Financial Deal?


My own intuitive guidance deck


The questioner was drawn to a financial deal and wanted guidance on the outcome.


There’s a vulnerable caterpillar on a hard pavement with a shadow behind it, gray, harsh environment

A stone wall with many leaves, gray, hard, leaves

Steps down, steep and difficult

Notice: the only vibrant color is in the caterpillar, representative of my client


The cards are very clear.

You’re vulnerable. You’ll be stonewalled. This would be a big step down for you.


The questioner proceeded with the financial investment, was stonewalled, lost money and never received the services she paid for.

This happens.

Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. And that’s OK.

Everyday’s a reset. She will be more than fine. She is destined for greatness.

She is loved and supported and will make the money back many times over. Let it be so.