I am Jenna.

Artist. Alchemist.
Fab Photographer.
Rosy Researcher.
Synchronicity Sponge.
Meanings Maniac.
Magic Manifester and Lover of Life.

I love and care for humanity, and I want to show you how beautiful life can be.
I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to feel your way through life alone.


As your guide to your own truth, I’ll help you find your own answers that seem so close yet so far.

Spiritual Awakening

New Beginnings


I was always intuitive but I didn’t understand it.

Growing up in the Midwest we had our feet firmly planted in the ground. We viewed psychics and readings as funny, weird, scary or evil. This stuff was irrelevant to our lives.

Then I had a series of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) in 2015/2016. My psychic sensitivity was heightened. Evidently, that’s the norm.

The STE I experienced, a quickening, is an acceleration of spiritual growth.

I now have a deeper understanding of how OUR INNER WORLD IS REFLECTED in our outer world.


I have been guided to create a deck of images that I call Intuition Speaks. These are 70+ cards of photos holding meaningful symbolism from my awakening experiences and from my training.

Asking Spirit to guide us For Your Highest Good, we are shown the cards that represent your situation along with insight into the solution.

I love card readings because of the tactile feel of card handling and choosing custom layouts, and because I can share the images with you. The cards create an impression in your subconscious mind so that you carry the guidance of the reading with you.

Nurturing the Innocent


In the Spring of 2016 I was guided in a dream to contact a specific mentor.

I completed nine months of training with Michele Anderson, a seasoned psychic intuitive educator in the Denver area, learning the language of Intuitive Signs and Symbolism and how to bring this knowledge into Readings.

I learned from my training, and in my own life, that we are guided along our path with everyday occurrences that we brush away.

Dead beetles in the stairwell, a cup that falls and breaks, an unusually insightful license plate zooms by as you ponder a decision, an encounter with a deer . . . these seemingly mundane events are guidance to help you navigate the choppy waters of life.


I’m lucky to have worked as a Research Professional in a Top 3 US News Best Hospital where the access to world class training is phenomenal. My work involved the coordination of complex research studies that are dependent on high level organization and strategy. What I loved about this work was doing my part to change the outcome for sick children across the globe.

I also hold a Masters of Education degree from Xavier University


Co-Creation with Spirit – also called Law of Mirroring, Law of Attraction, Mind over Matter, Science of Mind

Ask, believing in body, mind and spirit (action, thought and feeling) that you have received it, then it will be yours.
P.S. You are doing this everyday whether you are conscious of it or not.

♥ Public Speaking

Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE)

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Jenna Atkinson is a driven and compassionate intuitive development mentor on a mission to spread the word about the value of our intuition and how to tap into its power. She holds a Masters of Education degree from Xavier University and worked as a Research Professional in a top children’s hospital. She and her husband, Allen, live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have three adult children, a granddaughter, LUNA, and a granddog, GRACIE.